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A DVD version of A Captain’s Tale starring Dennis Waterman and Tim Healy. The 90 minute film drama tells the story of how a group of miners won the first World Cup.







When the video of ‘The Captains Tale’ was released in 1982, VCRs were the technology of the day. Over the years magnetic tape media has been replaced with lasers and the DVD era is now upon us.

With that in mind and to keep the memory of the West Auckland team of 1909 established, the only way forward was to have the film digitised onto DVD. Unfortunately the producers of the video have not deemed this film to be important enough to transfer and so we have taken on the task in-house.

This is an original DVD to all intents and purpose as this is the only DVD version available of this film. It has been manufactured in an effort to enable people like yourself to have the opportunity to view this rare film and also to support West Auckland Football Club in their efforts to survive in these hard times and help keep football alive at grass roots level. The quality of the DVD is as would be expected by transferring from an inferior magnetic media onto a digital one, but if you wish to watch this film then unfortunately this is ‘as good as it get’ as these is no alternative.

Thank you for your purchase and helping to support West Auckland Football Club.




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